2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Studies, B.A.

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Global studies is a major that is cross-disciplinary and trans-national, offering a broad understanding of the world. Global studies focuses on the interrelationships of politics, society, economy, and technology in the modern world. It studies the impact of globalization on nation-states, religious institutions, ethnicity and ethnic problems, personal identities, information technologies, and business. Global studies also analyzes how human institutions, non-governmental agencies, and research institutes all contribute to the making of public opinion and policy, and how they react to the human, environmental, ethnical, political, and financial developments and crises in the contemporary world.

Global studies majors must meet the following requirements: a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from all colleges attended, and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all courses required within the major. These standards apply at the time of application for a degree. Global studies majors must complete a total of 45 credit hours within the major; they must also complete 12 credit hours, or its equivalent, in one foreign language. International students may satisfy this requirement in the English language through demonstrated proficiency or on a TOEFL exam. Global studies majors must take a minimum of 21 credit hours within the major at the 300 level and above, and a senior synthesis capstone course in which students engage in an independent research project; the distribution of the 21 credit hours is outlined below.

Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

All requirements for an undergraduate degree are listed in the Academic Policies and Regulations  section in this catalog. These requirements include a course requirement in religion or theology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge and understanding of the meaning and consequences of globalization in its contemporary contexts across multiple disciplines, including cultural, historical, geographical, and sociological perspectives.   
  • Acquire broad knowledge of global issues, policies, trends, and interconnections with respect to economic development, multiculturalism, democratization and environmentalism.  
  • Develop critical thinking and the ability to assess social and economic policies in global contexts and articulate conclusions in writing and orally.  
  • Develop basic knowledge of a second language.

General Education Requirements

The 42 credit hours of general education requirements are presented in the General Education  section of this catalog. A course that meets a general education requirement may also meet a course requirement in the major or a course requirement in another discipline.

The following specific general education courses must be chosen to meet the requirements for the global studies major:

The following specific college requirement must be chosen to meet a requirement for global studies majors:

Foreign Language Requirement

Six hours of foreign language of the student’s choice; however, if the Peace Corps prep track is chosen, students must choose French or Spanish unless they hold native proficiency in one of those languages. Students who possess native proficiency in a language other than English may waive this requirement.

Emphasis Areas

Students will also choose between one of the following emphasis areas.

Business/Fashion Merchandising Emphasis

Peace Corps Preparation Emphasis

  • 9 hours in service focus area (e.g., health, education, etc.) as outlined in Peace Corps program requirements
  • 9 hours of cultural/social requirements, chosen from the Peace Corps program requirement options

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