2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching, M.A.T.

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree allows individuals to work toward a graduate degree while completing coursework leading to teacher certification. Candidates may work toward middle school or high school certification in social studies, English, science, and mathematics. Elementary education (1-6), special education (K-12) and Art K-12 are also available. Candidates for certification are required to complete certain coursework at the undergraduate level as well as at the graduate level. Those interested may contact the Director of Advanced Programs in Education for information related to the specific area of certification desired. (See also the section on Post-BA certification below as well as the section on teacher certification elsewhere in this catalog.)  

The degree is structured to provide pre-service teachers with the knowledge, technical skill, and confidence to become self-directed, lifelong learners and to extend the critical reflection and creative energy embodied in the program to impact students, colleagues, and the school communities in which they work. Programs are approved through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Associate of Advancing Quality Preparation (AAQEP). 

Degree Requirements

Participants must successfully complete 33 semester hours of graduate credit (Special Education is a 36 semester hour program). Prospective applicants should also review the general information on graduate programs provided in the graduate section in this catalog.  

Students seeking certification through this degree must also complete a number of education courses to meet the requirements of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). 


For detailed information on university admission policies, please refer to Admission Policies  information.

Program Approval

Students must apply for program approval during the second semester of their sophomore year, upon completing 45 hours. Transfer students apply for program approval in their second semester at Fontbonne University. Program approval is based upon the following criteria:

  • Completion of EDU 569   without conditions (or a transferred course equivalent);
  • Qualifying scores on the Missouri General Education Assessment;
  • Satisfactory completion of the program’s approved dispositional assessment
  • Successful performance of the essential functions of a major in the Education/Special Education Department
  • A cumulative, blended GPA of 3.00* for all professional coursework from all colleges/universities attended;
  • A cumulative, blended GPA of 2.75* from all colleges/universities attended;

*Content/professional courses must be graded courses; pass/fail grades are not accepted 

Program Approval with Conditions

This designation is available on a one-time only, one-semester basis, and indicates that the student is deficient in one or more of the above categories. The student may continue to major in a certification program with conditions once, for one semester only. Students who do not eradicate all deficiencies will not be allowed to continue in a certification program, will not be admitted into the teacher certification, and therefore, will not be allowed to student teach. 

Rejection for Program Approval

Students who show little or no capability to successfully complete requirements for a certification program in the department will be rejected for program approval, will not be allowed to enroll for additional education coursework in that major, and will be referred for career counseling pursuant to a change of major. A General Studies major with an emphasis in education (which does not lead to certification), could be an option for such students.

Re-enrollment Upon Completion of a Graduate Degree in the Department of Education/Special Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is established for pre-service teachers seeking initial certification. The Master of Arts degree in Education is established for teachers who wish to earn a degree for professional development. Therefore, those completing the Master of Arts degree in Education may not re-enroll for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Those completing the Master of Arts in Teaching degree may apply for admission to the Master of Arts degree in Education. Those making application must be able to plan a full 33 hour program with his/her graduate advisor. See other departments in the catalog for additional degrees offered at Fontbonne.

Accelerated Master’s Program

Details regarding the accelerated master’s programs with the Master of Arts in Teaching can be found below.

Specific Program Requirements

Accelerated Master’s Program

Students applying to an Accelerated Path Master’s Program must: 

  • Be a currently enrolled Fontbonne University student 
  • Have completed at least 60 credit hours
  • Have at least three full semesters an undergraduate remaining 
  • Possess a minimum Fontbonne cumulative GPA of 3.25

Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to a master’s program through the Accelerated Option submit an Accelerated Path Master’s Program Application, which must be approved by the graduate program director (MAT for  this degree), department chair and college dean. Application can be made as early as the first semester of the junior year, but typically in the third semester prior to completion of the undergraduate degree and with at least one full semester remaining at the time of application. Students must have completed at least 12 credit hours in the undergraduate major by the time they are admitted into an Accelerated Path. Undergraduate students admitted to a master’s program through an Accelerated Path must maintain:

  • a cumulative GPA of 3.25

Degree and Tuition Policies

Once admitted to a master’s program through the Accelerated Path, students may take up to a maximum of 9 credit hours of graduate coursework and have those hours count toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students will be charged at the undergraduate rate and retain eligibility for undergraduate scholarships. For each semester in which they take courses for both undergraduate and graduate credit, students must complete a “mixed credit” registration form that is approved by the graduate program director, department chair and college dean. Students taking courses for graduate credit must adhere to all relevant graduate policies. 

Students admitted to an Accelerated Path Master’s Program must meet all graduate program admission requirements at the time they complete the baccalaureate degree and must meet all degree completion requirements of the graduate program.

Available Accelerated Programs

Details regarding addtional and/or specific requirements for the currently approved accelerated master’s programs with the Master of Arts in Teaching can be found in the catalog section of the listed undergraduate degree programs.