2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
    Oct 24, 2020  
2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education Certification

Majors leading to teacher certification in secondary areas (9-12) are offered within the appropriate departments at Fontbonne University. Secondary certification programs are available in art, biology, English, mathematics, social studies, and speech/theatre. Candidates should review the coursework required in the appropriate department specified in this catalog.

DUAL undergraduate/graduate enrollment students classified as seniors may be eligible to enroll in graduate courses as unclassified graduate students. Please see dual undergraduate/graduate enrollment requirements in the undergraduate and graduate academic policies and regulations sections in this catalog.

Background Checks

School districts require that any individual who teaches, supervises, or has access to students in a school undergo a criminal background check. This will include an open records check, a check for child abuse/neglect and an FBI fingerprint screening. Students will be required to obtain a background check upon declaring themselves for a major related to teacher education. Students are responsible for keeping background checks current in order to avoid exclusion from clinical sites, practicum sites, and student teaching. Costs for background checks will be borne by the individual student. Questions regarding background checks should be directed to the Teacher Certification Coordinator in East 235.

Major Approval

Students must apply for major approval during the second semester of their sophomore year, after completing 45 hours. Transfer students apply for major approval in their second semester at Fontbonne University. Major approval is based upon the following criteria:

  • Completion of EDU 269  without conditions (or a transferred course equivalent);
  • Qualifying scores on the Missouri General Education Assessment;
  • Completion of the Missouri Educator Profile;
  • Successful execution of the essential functions of a major in the Education/Special education Department
  • A cumulative, blended GPA of 3.00 for all professional coursework from all colleges/universities attended;
  • A cumulative blended GPA of 2.75 from all colleges/universities attended;
  • For middle school candidates, a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the content area of choice;
  • Transfer students who have completed Introduction to Classroom Teaching and Philosophical Foundations (or equivalent) at another institution must complete a required “zero hour” course: EDU 301 - Teacher Education at Fontbonne University .

Major Approval with Conditions

This designation is available on a one-time only, one-semester basis, and indicates that the student is deficient in one or more of the above categories. The student may continue to major in a certification program with conditions once, for one semester only. Students who do not eradicate all deficiencies will not be allowed to continue in a certification program, will not be admitted into the teacher certification program and, therefore, will not be allowed to student teach.

Rejection for Major Approval

Students who show little or no capability to successfully complete requirements for a certification program in the department will be rejected for major approval, will not be allowed to enroll for additional education coursework in that program, and will be referred for career counseling pursuant to a change of major. A General Studies major with an emphasis in education (which does not lead to certification), could be an option for such students.