2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Placement Program

All Fontbonne undergraduate students must demonstrate college/university level skills in the areas of writing, mathematics, and algebra. Students deficient in any of these skills must successfully complete the appropriate developmental course(s) in writing, mathematics, and/or algebra within the first three full semesters (fall and spring) of enrolling at Fontbonne.

All incoming first-time, first-year students with an ACT or SAT sectional score below an established minimum, as determined by the undergraduate academic standards and review committee, can elect to take the computerized placement test, or to have their ACT (or SAT equivalent sub scores) used in lieu of further Fontbonne-administered testing for the purposes of placement in math and English classes. If a student has prior credit in a college/university-level course with a transferable grade, the student is exempt from testing in that academic area.

Transfer students are exempt from placement testing in any area in which transfer credits from an accredited college/university are accepted to meet a Fontbonne requirement.

The following students are exempt from developmental courses:

  • A student pursuing a second bachelor’s degree.
  • A student who holds a bachelor’s degree and who returns to complete professional certification or registration requirements.

A student must achieve a minimum grade of C- or better in a developmental course in order to move to the next level course. The credit for the MTH 091  course in mathematics will not count as credit toward the 120 credit hours required for graduation. The credit for the ENG 095  and MTH 095  courses in writing skills and in algebra will count as elective credit toward the 120 credit hours required for graduation.

Developmental Courses